Snowkraft Skiing-------

Snowkraft is known for its impeccable trails. Trails were leveled to near golf course smoothness, which allows for great skiing even in just a few inches of snow. When other trails in the county are closed, SK may well be open. We average at least 2 weeks more skiing than all the other areas except Crossroads, which does well in low snow also.

Snowkraft has both a hilly (and we do mean hilly- a 2.5 mile section is either UP or DOWN) and flatter section, and is groomed particularly well, so lends itself to beginning skiers and advanced alike. We have the widest skate lanes in the county. 

Snowkraft specializes in skating. At the moment, there are not narrower stand alone classic ski trails, and as such, if you are looking for good classic skiing on a narrow trail, try Whitefish Dunes, Peninsula Park, or Newport Park. Potawatomi Park has only a short section of narrow classic trail and is not recommended. 

We do set a classic trail most of the time, and that is done to high standards. We do have good classic skiing, but it is on wide trails shared with those pesky skaters.

Door County Skiing Areas-------------

My recommendations for DC skiing are as follows:

Longest Trail Amount: Peninsula Park, around 16 miles

Best scenery: Peninsula Park, Whitefish Dunes is also excellent and interesting and borders Lake Michigan, which is gorgeous in winter.

Best Classic: Whitefish Dunes

Flat Classic: Whitefish Dunes, Newport Park

Hilly Classic: Peninsula Park

Most remote Classic: Newport Park 

May not always be groomed. Some trails are NOT groomed.

Best Skating (Apart from Snowkraft): Peninsula Park

Areas with skating: Potawatomi, Peninsula Park

I don't recommend Potawatomi Park for skating due to narrow trails and poor quality grooming equipment. It is usually pretty bumpy. The park does have a tremendous amount of potential that some day hopefully will be tapped.

Potawatomi Park is a beautiful park, so even though their classic trails are not the best groomed, it is worth checking out.