Sat., Feb 18, 2017

20K and 10K Freestyle Races

First Annual Snowkraft Nordic

Eirawen20 Ski Race

Feb. 18, 2017

Snowkraft Nordic, Sturgeon Bay, WI

Temperatures during race: 45-53 degrees



1. Tristan Schouten, 34, Plymouth, WI 1:17:54

2. David Nagude, 50, Sheboygan, WI 1:19:10

3. Eric Weidman, 30, Sturgeon Bay, WI 1:23:49

4. Kurt Schwiesow, 43, Green Bay, WI 1:25:23

5. Karl Schroeder, 59, Sturgeon Bay, WI  1:29:36

6. Carl Grota, 45, Sturgeon Bay, WI 1:34:00

7. Paul Sommers, 52, Sturgeon Bay, WI  1:43:26

8. Carmen Schroeder, 61, Sturgeon Bay, WI  1:43:54 (First Female)

9. Marsha Nebel, 56, Luxemburg, WI  1:51:52 (Second Female)

10. Jon Sowl, 61, Sturgeon Bay, WI  1:59:35

11. Jaclyn Swartz, 23, Luxemburg, WI 2:02:04 (Third Female)



1. Jim Hinnenthal, 62, Sturgeon Bay, WI  48:20

2. Henry Schwiesow, 14, Green Bay, WI  48:50

3.  Eugene Kastenson, 65, Sturgeon Bay, WI  53:07

4. Leslie Maclin, 58, Evanston, IL 59:45 (First Female)

5. Aida Schwiesow, 13, Green Bay, WI  65:52 (Seconf Female)


Also: Two Laps 21K Course, One Lap 10K Course

Lindsey Kriete, 39, Wauwatosa, WI

Photos taken by Michael Grota

2017 Eirawen20 Race Report

Seventeen people from 2 states competed in the first annual Eirawen20 race. All things considered, that was a good number for the initial race. We will most likely stage the race the same weekend next year, or possibly 2 weeks before. In general, it seemed people enjoyed themselves despite the inevitable degradation of the course due to hi temps. A record hi was set, at 56 for the day, eclipsing by 9 degrees the previous record of 47. The race raised $350 for purchase of a groomer for Potawatomi Park.

We were impressed by the massive outpouring of support from the community by individuals and businesses. Without this support, races like this one simply won't work. But that was not surely not the case- a whopping 17 people gladly donated their time and talent, and that is sincerely appreciated. If you would like to help with next years race, E-Mail Tom P at snowkraftnordic@gmail.com.

Following is a list of individuals and businesses who helped. Thank You!! I'm sure I'll omit somebody- please let me know if I should add someone. 

Bob Richards: Race Director

Michael Grota: Photography

Joe Neuville

Deb Neuville

Paul Neuville

Sue Kubley

Patrcik Kubley

Pat Saladin

Karl Morrison

Terry Chier

Eugene Kastenson

Gretchen Montee

Debbie Kiedrowski

Judy Sowl

Rosario Parsons

Mike Smith

Sandi Smith


Door County Sunglass Company

Bay Shore Outfitters

Door County YMCA

Clippers Mate


DC Silent Sports Alliance