Part of the bike trail that is currently at SK is at least 15 years old!! We have been building more trail in the last 2-3 years, and have a total trail mileage of about 5 miles as of this date- 8-28-18. Most of this is fairly easy, and was designed to be, for beginners and to serve as the winter fat bike trail. There has been little focus on intermediate to advanced trail. See pics to right to get an idea of what this will be like. Obviously, these will be some of the highlights.

With beginner trail built, we can now focus on intermediate and advanced trail. This will be built in different areas:

1. Alternate Lines on existing trail

There will be about 4-5 alternate lines per mile of trail, totaling up to 25 alternate lines. This will serve to break up the mosly beginner main loop. Alternate lines will be short, to a few hundred feet long, and have features such as log skinnies, jumps, drops, stone gardens and more, and will be more natural in that roots and stones will be left in the trail.

2. Sections of main trail not used for fat biking

This is about 3/4 mile. 

3. 75 acres of property not yet utilized for biking

This includes the orchard, 20 acres near my new haus, and around 25 acres to the far East. 

Volunteer!! Anybody is welcome to help with trailbuilding. In the past, we had multiple trail work days per year. Would like to get these going again. If you would like to help on these days, send a note to tom: latitude44@gmail.com. It is also possible to help when your time permits. We are thinking about buying a wood mill. If anybody has experience with these and would like to help, please contact me.