We are Wisconsin's low snow experts!!

              Snowkraft is skiable in as little as 2 inches dense snow. 

              We average at least 2 weeks more skiing than any of the

              Door County parks, and sometimes more than a month.

If you want an even better idea of how trail conditions are, text me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tom.parsons.5055

---I'll be glad to give you a more current and detailed update. You can also e-mail me at latitude44@gmail.com. DON'T CALL!! I rarely am around my home fon, do not carry my cel with me, and don't listen to fon messages often.  ​  job

We are now on skinnyski.com ski trail report website. PLEASE send reports to them. Reports with pics are even better. 

--Trail report link--


                               This helps draw more people here, which helps accomplish 2 things:

                                1.) More earnings: More impact improving silent sports in Door County.

                      2.) Better trails: More time is taken preparing trails when more people are using them. 

                              ....thanks for your reports!!!


(Read bike trail rules here and       TIPS for BEGINNERS)


Comments:  . 12-22-17  As  temps lower, biking will get better. The trail is already nice. I'll probably groom it tonite. Will have to see how it is. It should probably be OK to bike on ski trails tomorrow. If you are making a significant print, please go back to bike trail.


(Ski trail info/description/MAP)





Comments: 12-22-2017 . The few inches of snow we had nicely rejuvenated the trails. I think it should be good skis to go. I will groom again tonite and also see if I can set a classic track. No promises.

Rating:  8.5/10


Last groomed:  12-22

Skis: ---A 

Diagonal Track: Not set, may set tonite