Jan 17-25 were anomalously

 warm. The temp reached 41

degrees Jan 21, and did not

get below 30 degrees the entire 9 day period. Temp           fluctuation for the 9 day

     period was just 11 de-


Snowkraft Nordic
Snowkraft Nordic


Fat Bike Race

Rise of the Berms

Sat., Feb 4, 2017

Recent Pics

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Montees teaching skating!!

Montees teaching skating!!

Tim imprinting skiing on a wee one.

Tim imprinting skiing on a wee one.

Luca Fagundes and his amazing pics!!

Luca Fagundes and his amazing pics!!

Daily Trail Update

Sat, Mar 4, 2017

Weather/Trail Synopsis

Report Time:  8:57 AM 


Here's to an early December 2017 snowfall!!!

Last Snowfall:  Mar 1, 3 inches

Weekend /Outlook: --




Tuesday: Door County Brewery, Baileys Harbor-- 5:30 PM  30-50 miles. Terry, 920-559-3845. Facebook-- There is an A and B group. A has some  very fast riders, B is fairly relaxed and no drop.

Wednesday: Market Square, Sturgeon Bay--5:30 PM MAP  30-40miles Have not been to this in a while. Believe that it is a moderate, no drop ride, although I think at times some faster riders peel off the front. 

Thursday: Edge of park, Fish Creek MAP A and B group- A group starts 5:30, B group starts 6-- Around 30-4o miles, dependent on group


Sahs Auto, Sturgeon Bay (Meet at Sahs Auto) MAP  Good for beginning road riders, a 14-18 pace, no drop ride. Randy, 920-461-1121

Sunday: Kick, Third Ave, Sturgeon Bay MAP 8:00 AM, A and B group, 30-40 miles, dependent on group