This probably is one of the most diverse outdoor industry jobs available, requiring an initial mega broad base of talent, however will likely evolve over time, as Snowkraft grows, to become more specific. You will surely be immensely busy as you commence the position, with responsibilities over many areas. The first couple years of the job will render you scant free time, as you begin to organize and meld SK into a stellar community asset. (As SK grows, more positions will be added.) You will be in contact with the public in many different roles as a non-profit director and athlete.


  1. Non-profit operations, including shaping Snowkraft’s focus into the future

  2. Assist with planning/hierarchy for trail expansion and area improvements. 

  3. Tailor sports and program offerings at the area. 

  4. Oversee race and event management. 

  5. Report to Snowkraft board

  6. Work with donors

  7. Promote Snowkraft locally and regionally

  8. Recruit and manage a volunteer base

  9. Coordinate/lead group rides

  10. Website content (No prior web skills required.)

Job start date: Hoping to find someone to start by May 1 or sooner, but there is flexibility for the right person.



Who we are looking for: The individual for this job must be high energy, motivated/self driven, innovative, and professional. You should be good at communicating with the public. You MUST be involved in active sports and mountain biking- XC skiing experience highly encouraged, paddleboarding and sailing experience a plus. You are the quintessential example of the active sport lifestyle and want to share your passion for this with the community and those that are less fortunate.


Must enjoy writing, write well and be at home on a computer. Experience writing funding proposals a plus. Some design talent would be good, but is not necessary.


You realize that for many reasons not everyone has the same opportunities. You believe strongly in helping others, both personally and in your career. 


You think Sturgeon Bay and the area is close to a utopia. You love the water and the small town environment, and realize the potential silent sports has of uniting and enhancing a community.

Strongly recommended prerequisites for this job:

  1. College degree/high honors OR equivalent skills

  2. People management skills

  3. Sports involvement

  4. Strong writing skills

  5. Previous non-profit or outdoor industry experience


Personal traits we are looking for:

  1. Achiever/motivated/high energy/self driven/

  2. Leader

  3. Incredibly skilled/Effective time manager

  4. Athletic/Competitive

  5. Compassionate

  6. Creativity/Innovative/Resourceful/Dreamer

  7. Detail oriented



Our mission is to provide recreational opportunities to the public at a reasonable cost thru use of our trail system and facilities, which will in turn help to promote active sports in the area. With fees and donations we will increase and improve Snowkraft offerings. We realize that active sports are expensive and want to help provide opportunities for people with limited resources by providing equipment to use free of charge. We also would like to provide an opportunity and change of environment for city youth with camps of several weeks duration that focus on active sports and, via camp counselors, show kids examples of good role models.


Snowkraft is comprised of 180 acres and is located a few miles North of Sturgeon Bay. We currently have 6 miles of ski trails and 5 miles of bike trails. SK has been providing recreational opportunities for locals and tourists for about 10 years. This has been provided without much structure- our goal is to organize and expand SK to provide more opportunities for locals and Door County visitors.


SK in the short term aims to expand ski and bike trail mileage and services, to include bike features such as pump tracks and skills areas, a short course racing track, bike rental, skills instruction, several miles of classic ski trail, and a XC ski waxing room and ski lessons and rental.


Shortly we will build a small lake (3-5 acres) where people will be able to swim and paddleboard, as well as relax on a sand beach, island in the lake, or swim raft. Several mountain modern cabins will be situated around the lake, to be rented to vacationers and for specialty biking and skiing weekends.


Along with trail recreation, we’d like to offer opportunities to those for which silent sports might prove too costly. This will be available with free fat and mountain bike use, including bike classes, and to include the winter season. We may as well offer skis free, but Crossroads, located only a short distance away, does a good job with this. As well, part of the cabin usage will include camps for underprivileged youth, most likely in conjunction with another non-profit, who will furnish the camp leader(s).


We have staged 3 races, ski, fat bike and trail run, and want to continue to offer these competitions and a few more, but to be marketed better. We will most likely look for an outside event planner to manage the races initially, with that possibly changing to a person Snowkraft hires in time.


Throughout the year we will offer weekly mountain bike and fat bike group rides, trail runs and paddleboard yoga, to be followed afterwards, when weather permits, with relaxing around or in the lake.


Snowkraft will be involved in promoting active sports county-wide, and will assist other non-profits involved in this when possible, as well as, with our experience, help with efforts of local state parks to upgrade their silent sports knowledge and infrastructure.

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