Cost of maintaining a ski area

The cost of building and maintaining a XC ski area is much more than you would think. And there is a large difference between upkeep of an average ski trail and an excellent one. Snowkraft, of course falls into the excellent category. Over 700 dump truck loads of dirt was used to create a trail surface that needs only a scant amount of snow to ski. There is a BIG difference between Snowkraft's trail surface and that of the parks in Door County. That is why Snowkraft averages at least 2 weeks more skiing every year. And, as you have seen, when there is skiing 


This year, for the 2016-17 season, a total of about $100,000 was spent on various things: adding berms, bike trail work, leveling the ski trail better to enable skiing in less snow, routine trimming of trails/grass.


Over 1000 gallons of diesel was used, maybe 250 gallons of gas was used be continued

Skiing: Single, $10.00, family $20.00 (any number) Season Pass $150.00, Family $200.00 

Fat Biking: Single, 5.00, family $10.00 Yearly $75 Family $125    

--65+, free, 18 and under, free

--If you bike and ski, pay for skiing only  

--If it is a hardship to pay at any point, pay late